Surfin’ Subway

While riding the subway all over the place today, I’ve discovered two different things.

1. My balance has improved and I could totally surf in the X Games.
2. Everyone on it is mean muggin’. 

The facial expression of the riders is not the disappointment that they’re riding the train, but a darn good way to tell everyone else not to mess with them. In the biggest city I’ve ever been in, it is also one of the most private. Think about all the emotional stress a person would go through if he tried to reach everyone he saw through conversation.

What I take this to mean is that I really need to be letting God’s light shine through me. At Sky Ranch, I told my girls countless times that we are called to be the light in Matthew 5. I would take them outside in the grass and have them lay down and look at the beautiful stars. Then, I would point their attentions to the moon. After asking them where the moon’s light comes from, the point was always made. The moon reflects the light of the sun. When God tells us to be the light, it is nothing we can do in our own power. We reflect the Creator of the world, the God who cannot be explained or exaggerated. 

My own insufficiency was further realized in the church we went to this morning, Times Square Church. It was massive! A man who could be besties with Kirk Franklin led worship on the piano with the choir from Sister Act bumpin’. The preacher got up and preached on John 1 when John the Baptist said to bear fruit or burn. Looking at John 15, He is the vine and we are the branches. The branches get the nutrients from the vine. That’s why He tells us to abide in Him. It was a good reminder that anything that happens up here is nothing I did but from God.

To end this entry, I’ll tell y’all all the fun things that happened today. So, after church, we went to Stardust, a restaurant where the wait staff is full of aspiring Broadway actors and actresses. It was super pricy, and two of my roommates and I got fries and milkshakes for lunch. Then, we rode the subway around town to find our internships. Then, after being on the subway for so long and realizing how many germs are there, I decided to get my flu shot. 

Anyways, tomorrow I begin my internship at CBS Sports!!


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