Y’all, I have never been around this many people yet feel so introverted. I don’t think that’s really the right word I was looking for, but it’s late here and I’m watching college basketball while chowing down on some milk and cookies. (If I don’t gain weight this semester, I didn’t fully experience the wonderful cuisine of New York.) Anyway, I walk .6 miles from the subway to work every morning and evening and then ride the subway. What’s amazing is that everybody just keeps to themselves, looking high and low, no where close to having the potential of making eye contact with you. 

So, what could come secondhand in the city full of people but is yet so individual? Smoking. It seems as if everyone and their mom smokes in this city. Walking back from class tonight, I had a funny taste in my mouth. I then realized that I was breathing through my mouth because my nose was running and we were walking past countless people lighting up. It’s gross. You could go so far as to say it’s inconsiderate, exhaling the nasties to the people walking all around you.

Well, that got me thinking. How will I impact those around me as I walk to and from work and around the city? Do I just want to be some blonde girl who looks like a lost little duck? No. I am here for a reason that God will reveal whenever He wants to. The options are limited. If I make eye contact with someone and smile, like everyone does in Texas, a dude could think I was scopin’ and hopin’. Which I’m not. 

My goal: I want the love of God to come through me somehow and affect people like the cigarette smoke. Not like the nasty side effects, but the kind where you can smell it all around you and you can feel it all around you. I want the lost people of this city to come in contact with my Jesus, so however I could be of assistance would be fantastic. I don’t deserve to be a part of it but would be happy to oblige if I could. Please pray that I will be vulnerable to God so He can do whatever He wants to with me and through me during my semester here.

Anyways, cool and darkly weird things happened today. I have ridden the subway three times by myself and haven’t gotten lost; however, I haven’t mastered the whole ride with no hands. Work went by quickly, and class was really fun tonight. The darkly weird happened when one of my roommates and I were waiting for another roommate in a coffee shop by our classroom before class was starting. She came in and told us she saw someone get hurt. She heard two dudes arguing; one of them threatening to call the police. The other one told him he better not. Then, she looked behind her toward the fight and the guy who threatened to call the cops was unconscious on the ground while the other took off in the cab. Do we know what happened? No. But I feel like I’ve truly experienced New York now: eaten pizza, rode the subway, saw the flashing lights race toward an unconscious dude. (We should probably be praying for homeboy.)

Mom, Dad, other people who are ready to fly up here and take me home now that I’ve mentioned that, it ain’t nothing but a thing. I survived Waco. ‘Nuff said. 

Anyways, to end this entry on a positive note: make sure you’re following HoopsonCBS on both Facebook and Twitter and NFLonCBS on Sunday. Why you ask? Because, yours truly will be tweeting updates from the West Virginia/Purdue and UCLA/Oregon basketball games on Saturday and the AFC Championship on Sunday. Let it be known that I’m not allowed to tweet the Kansas/Texas game because I was sassy about my dislike of the Longhorns, and I was still grumpy, despite the large Starbucks cup in my hand, about the Baylor loss last night.

Peace out girl scout! 


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