Fo’ Real

Y’all, today was so cold. I’m not sure how the rest of this winter time is going to go… Okay, that’s my complaining sentence.

Anyway, at work today I pretty much stalked college mascots on Facebook, telling my boss whether or not they were active on it or not.

“Sparky’s on Facebook!” “What does he say?” “Come to the basketball game!” “Alright!”

Yup, that was the conversation, me yelling from my cubicle and her yelling from her office.

Why is this relevant? Isn’t it cool that we serve a God that is 100% real? And he’s not some fat dude sitting criss cross apple sauce.

Anyway, class tonight was a struggle to keep the eyes open. I was tired after work, and the room was at the best temperature possible. Our professor isn’t stupid, so he opened all the windows. No worries though, we didn’t see a dude get knocked out today. 

During class, the professor played clips. For example, before one he told us to watch and see how many times the white team passed the basketball. After getting some of our answers he said, “Ok, who saw the gorilla?”

What? The whole time I had my eyes on the ball, and I never saw the gorilla stroll through the screen. His point was that we never see EVERYTHING. Our eyes actually make up for things we don’t see. This only goes to prove how imperfect we are as humans. It’s so obvious how magnificent God is because His eyes never miss a thing, even though His children are all over the place.

Sorry this post is short and scattered, but it’s bedtime for Bonzo!


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