Since I worked seven days straight, my boss gave me today off. So two other girls and myself decided to hit up the Museum of Natural History … aka the one from “Night at the Museum.” In order to get to the Upper West Side, we had to ride a train down to Harold Square and then transfer to a different one. We felt good about it until we stopped at 125th Street and we were supposed to get off at 81st. Basically, we got expressed. What that means is that there are two different kinds of stops: local and express. If it’s an open white circle on the map, it is an express train and every train will stop at it. If it’s a closed black circle on the map, it is a local stop and only a few trains stop at it. So, we got off at 125th and then got on a different train going the opposite direction. 

Y’all, praise the Lord that I don’t have to worry about express and local stops with God. He’s always there for me and His will is perfect. He isn’t out to put a local sign on His train and then make express stops. I can trust Him to direct my life; however, let’s be real, I don’t always do that. Instead of trying to figure things out myself and getting lost many times along the way, I should trust in the Creator of more than I can imagine and give up my control.

We got out of the subway at the corner by the museum. We decided to race each other to it but then stopped after a couple of steps because people were looking at us funny. We went in and got our tickets from a guy that was pretty excited that we were from Baylor. He’s a huge Brittney Griner fan. Anyways, we walked through pretty much everything and ended up sitting on the steps outside, exhausted. 

Our adventure started out in the African animals section followed by the ocean section. There were so many pictures of the beach that I tried to make myself forget about the impending doom, aka high temperatures in the 20s, for this week. We ventured through and saw Rexy and the head that asks for gum in the movie. I was on guard for Teddy Roosevelt or someone to come up beside me and strike up a conversation, but that didn’t happen. 

When the day was over, my friends and I decided that we need to make separate bucket lists: outdoor and indoor. So, if you have any suggestions, hit me up!!

And since I’m nice, here’s a link to my Facebook album for pictures from my first week in the city.




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