Dang Super Bowl

What’s up party people. So the title of this post is the reason for no posts the past couple of days.

Y’all, I know I’m not in NOLA, but the amount of videos and Instagrams are crazy!! Perfection is expected, and I’m not really good at perfection, to be honest. To put a Biblical spin on this, thank God I don’t have to be. There are two ways to get into heaven: perfection or salvation. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross to bridge that gap between sinful people like me and yourself. 

Anyway, so this week hasn’t been too eventful. Sunday, my roommate and I went to the Hillsong church. Despite the fact that we were sitting on the floor, it wasn’t bad. The preaching in Australian accents was a fun bonus. The sermon was about Nehemiah and how he was rebuilding the wall. He didn’t just accept the ruins, he did something about it, which was a cool way to think about the passage and apply it to where I am right now. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we had class which ran until 10:15, 10:30ish. Then, because they were doing work on the tracks, the trains we take back to the apartment weren’t running at night on the weekdays. So, we had to walk a bit to take the 1 to Times Square then transfer to the 7 to take it back to our stop. After eight hours of work, class from 7-10 is a struggle. Good thing there’s a McDonald’s on the corner and a Starbucks a few doors down. 

Wednesday, the sports editor for the New York Times asked me to keep writing and to send him a piece on Brittney Griner. http://thequad.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/01/griners-season-for-the-record-book/

After writing that and then going back to work, I realized something. The burden of perfection isn’t for me. The creative storytelling, however, is truly what brings me joy. I started thinking about being an on air reporter because people back home would say things like – I can’t wait to turn on ESPN, see you and then tell everyone I’m with that I know you. That made me think that I have been like the people in Corinth, trying to speak in tongues or something when God has blessed me with another gift. That, people of America, is where 1 Corinthians 13 comes in. Not so you can read it in your wedding but because all gifts are used to glorify Him and we should do them all in love. Because without love, those gifts are nothing. Like what I’m doing now, yes I should try to get one out every day, but this is fun and it’s easy for me. And I make it a goal to find a connection to God when I write it because I feel like when you look intentionally, His fingerprints are all over the place, which is really cool.

So that being said, as of February 1, I want to be a sports writer when I grow up (and that growing up is three months and 17 days away.) Aka, if you have any tips to jobs, hit a sister up! 

It’s crazy how God took a crazy cool sporting event, the Super Bowl, got me to not like working with it very much to really get me to see the direction He’s showing me. Is this blog post all over the place? Yes, because I’m exhausted. (Good thing I didn’t start on my papers due on Monday tonight, huh?)


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