Hey Party People! I’m currently at work doing a little bit of stuff, but I figured I could make a super quick post.

So on Monday CBS and Turner had their March Madness Seminar since Selection Sunday is this Sunday. All of the talent was there as well as employees from both places. I had to look really professional … so out came the pink blazer again. Monday morning at 8:30 I had to meet up with CBS Sports PR at a hotel to help with a media event.

Media from all over the city came to meet the talent that will be covering the game. Let me drop a few names here: Charles Barkley. Reggie Miller. Kenny Smith. Rachel Nichols. ….. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? 

Anyway, when Barkley walked through the doorway, he definitely saw my eyes get really big because he walked up and introduced himself. In the moment, I couldn’t form a complete sentence, but for real I still want to ask him about Space Jam.

Anyway, I stood in the back while the media event went on. Once it was over, the media was allowed to ask the talent different questions. I really wanted to go talk to them too, but I had to wait in the back to make sure they didn’t need me to do anything. A few minutes later, my boss started emailing me missions: questions for certain talent that were being tweeted in.

My first question was for Seth Davis which was fine because he is in the studio when I am in on weekends. The next one was for Reggie Miller. I was calmer than I thought I would have been, but it was still really cool to get to ask him some questions. She then sent me to Kenny Smith and then to Doug Gottlieb to finish up the missions.

After I was done, I decided to go up and introduce myself to Rachel Nichols since I have watched her on ESPN for a long time. She was really nice and we talked for quite a long time.

After the media event we had a seminar in the Moma. It was really entertaining seeing how my favorite sports event came together. After the seminar, my favorite cupcake place was hardcore right around the corner. You betcha I swung by on my way back to the apartment.

Anyway, that’s just a pretty shallow description of what the Seminar was like!


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