Hey Party People! I’m currently at work doing a little bit of stuff, but I figured I could make a super quick post.

So on Monday CBS and Turner had their March Madness Seminar since Selection Sunday is this Sunday. All of the talent was there as well as employees from both places. I had to look really professional … so out came the pink blazer again. Monday morning at 8:30 I had to meet up with CBS Sports PR at a hotel to help with a media event.

Media from all over the city came to meet the talent that will be covering the game. Let me drop a few names here: Charles Barkley. Reggie Miller. Kenny Smith. Rachel Nichols. ….. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? 

Anyway, when Barkley walked through the doorway, he definitely saw my eyes get really big because he walked up and introduced himself. In the moment, I couldn’t form a complete sentence, but for real I still want to ask him about Space Jam.

Anyway, I stood in the back while the media event went on. Once it was over, the media was allowed to ask the talent different questions. I really wanted to go talk to them too, but I had to wait in the back to make sure they didn’t need me to do anything. A few minutes later, my boss started emailing me missions: questions for certain talent that were being tweeted in.

My first question was for Seth Davis which was fine because he is in the studio when I am in on weekends. The next one was for Reggie Miller. I was calmer than I thought I would have been, but it was still really cool to get to ask him some questions. She then sent me to Kenny Smith and then to Doug Gottlieb to finish up the missions.

After I was done, I decided to go up and introduce myself to Rachel Nichols since I have watched her on ESPN for a long time. She was really nice and we talked for quite a long time.

After the media event we had a seminar in the Moma. It was really entertaining seeing how my favorite sports event came together. After the seminar, my favorite cupcake place was hardcore right around the corner. You betcha I swung by on my way back to the apartment.

Anyway, that’s just a pretty shallow description of what the Seminar was like!



If the Lord had not been on our side—
    let Israel say —
if the Lord had not been on our side
    when people attacked us,
they would have swallowed us alive
    when their anger flared against us;
the flood would have engulfed us,
    the torrent would have swept over us,
the raging waters
    would have swept us away.

Praise be to the Lord,
    who has not let us be torn by their teeth.
We have escaped like a bird
    from the fowler’s snare;
the snare has been broken,
    and we have escaped.
Our help is in the name of the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven  and earth.


Psalm 124


Well, sorry I suck. This is literally the first post in like over a month. It’s a good thing you aren’t sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what I do next. That would be a terrible way to live. 
Real talk, this semester has been hard. I would be lying if I said that there weren’t times that I wish I would have stayed at Baylor for my last semester. The classes are really tough, more so than I expected. The internship has been a handful. I have been working six to seven day work weeks of at least 45 hours plus taking 12 hours of classes. Being the person that I am, literally I just took a personality test, I just work hard without knowing how much is too much. If you give me work, I will get it done. Well, my professor ended up emailing my boss and I got some days off which is beautiful. However, i felt like i let my boss down, and I don’t like that feeling. Anyway, I had to take a lot of personality tests for a class up here and it turned out to be pretty helpful. I was focused on trying to figure out what was I was doing wrong but I was fine. The problems were just rooted in how God made me. There have been other dramatic issues here as well but we aren’t even going to get into that. 
Anyway, I have felt like I have a lot of negatives coming at me from one side. I didn’t ask God why or crawl away to a corner, I put my game face on to deal with it. Once again alluding to my personality test, I am exactly like Katniss – always fine, keep to myself and more stubborn than you will ever know. So, tonight I was reading from She Reads Truth and came across this beautiful nugget of wisdom:
Life happened – sometimes all at once. I didn’t blame God in these trials, but I certainly didn’t thank Him either. I pulled on my bootstraps. Put on a brave face. Relied on myself. Suffered alone. Until like Paul, I was forced to trust God totally. And it turns out that walking through the hard seasons is often the best thing that could ever happen. Because it is there that we find Him. Itie there theater learn that the strength of our bootstraps will fail, but the joy of The Lord won’t. It is there that we learn that we don’t need to put on a brave face, we simply need to seek His. We can pray for each other to get to a point where we trust that we are just seeing a few brush stokes on the gigantic masterpiece He’s painting. Where we don’t fear what’s ahead, because we know it’s already happened in the eyes of our Master Planner. Where we acknowledge that He shares in our sufferings, but He also shares in our comfort. Where we can remember that He’s rescued us before and that He will do it again…as many times as we need rescuing. And for that we say thank you, even when nothing seems peachy keen. Because there is no pit we are in that is deeper than His love.
Boom. Kill shot. My life is for His glory, not my happiness. For His Name and not my own. Krista needed some perspective. 
New York has offered some cool experiences though, when I have time to do them. On Valentine’s Day my roommate and I went to THE Madison Square Garden to watch the Rangers … lose in a shoot out. Being in the Garden was insane! I literally started to bounce as I walked when I could see it. Back in Texas at Stars games it feels like a country club. Up here, it’s do or die. Okay, not die but get slugged. This past Wednesday was by far my favorite day in the city. My roommate, my friend and I went to get student rush tickets for Cinderella. After we did that and were walking aimlessly around Times Square, we stopped by the TKTS booth and got rock star seats to Newsies. I LOVED Newsies … although I am daily reminded by the songs stuck in my head that boys are more flexible than me, can hyperextended toe touches and can successfully land cartwheels. So, I have been stretching. Cinderella was really good too. While the shows were stellar the best part of the day was the laughter that came with hanging out with my friends.
And today I was in the studio. It felt great because Seth Davis, Greg Anthony and Doug Gottlieb all gave my high fives for Baylor’s big upset over Kansas. After work, I met up with some people from the Lariat, Baylor’s newspaper that I worked at for two years, because they’re at a conference up here. The advisor of the Lariat have gotten pretty close over the past two years. She has a couch in her office, so I always told her I was coming in for a counselor session.  Talking to her was great tonight. She really keeps me accountable, asking me about my relationship with God during my time here. I really appreciate it and admire her for her boldness to speak the Word. 
So, as I end this catch-up blog because I’m getting sleepy, I ask you to please pray for me that I will learn to trust God more with my life rather than relying on myself.

Dang Super Bowl

What’s up party people. So the title of this post is the reason for no posts the past couple of days.

Y’all, I know I’m not in NOLA, but the amount of videos and Instagrams are crazy!! Perfection is expected, and I’m not really good at perfection, to be honest. To put a Biblical spin on this, thank God I don’t have to be. There are two ways to get into heaven: perfection or salvation. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross to bridge that gap between sinful people like me and yourself. 

Anyway, so this week hasn’t been too eventful. Sunday, my roommate and I went to the Hillsong church. Despite the fact that we were sitting on the floor, it wasn’t bad. The preaching in Australian accents was a fun bonus. The sermon was about Nehemiah and how he was rebuilding the wall. He didn’t just accept the ruins, he did something about it, which was a cool way to think about the passage and apply it to where I am right now. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we had class which ran until 10:15, 10:30ish. Then, because they were doing work on the tracks, the trains we take back to the apartment weren’t running at night on the weekdays. So, we had to walk a bit to take the 1 to Times Square then transfer to the 7 to take it back to our stop. After eight hours of work, class from 7-10 is a struggle. Good thing there’s a McDonald’s on the corner and a Starbucks a few doors down. 

Wednesday, the sports editor for the New York Times asked me to keep writing and to send him a piece on Brittney Griner.

After writing that and then going back to work, I realized something. The burden of perfection isn’t for me. The creative storytelling, however, is truly what brings me joy. I started thinking about being an on air reporter because people back home would say things like – I can’t wait to turn on ESPN, see you and then tell everyone I’m with that I know you. That made me think that I have been like the people in Corinth, trying to speak in tongues or something when God has blessed me with another gift. That, people of America, is where 1 Corinthians 13 comes in. Not so you can read it in your wedding but because all gifts are used to glorify Him and we should do them all in love. Because without love, those gifts are nothing. Like what I’m doing now, yes I should try to get one out every day, but this is fun and it’s easy for me. And I make it a goal to find a connection to God when I write it because I feel like when you look intentionally, His fingerprints are all over the place, which is really cool.

So that being said, as of February 1, I want to be a sports writer when I grow up (and that growing up is three months and 17 days away.) Aka, if you have any tips to jobs, hit a sister up! 

It’s crazy how God took a crazy cool sporting event, the Super Bowl, got me to not like working with it very much to really get me to see the direction He’s showing me. Is this blog post all over the place? Yes, because I’m exhausted. (Good thing I didn’t start on my papers due on Monday tonight, huh?)


Remember my affliction and my wanderings, the wormwood and the gall! My soul continually remembers it and is bowed down within me. But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. ‘The Lord is my portion,’ says my soul, therefore I will hope in him.

Lamentations 3:19-24

This scripture passage is very important to me. Two summers ago, I was going through something that I had never gone through. I was at Sky Ranch and felt completely abandoned by God. I wasn’t experiencing Him how I usually did, and I wasn’t sure what I did wrong. Throughout the last few weeks of the summer, I would meet with my mentor about what was going on. This is one of her favorite passages, and it is a great reminder about God and His love for us. Basically, you’re experiencing affliction and aren’t too happy about it and just being very honest in prayer with God about it. Then, verse 21 starts with ‘But,’ meaning that the complete opposite is fixing to be said on the page. Hope is found in the Lord, knowing the promise that His love never fails and is new every morning. He is faithful when we aren’t. He is everything; we don’t need any more. 

Why do I bring up this passage? Well, number one, my roommates and I went to see Gangster Squad last night for a paper. I closed my eyes through half of it – when the guns came out or the mob leader was fixing to destroy someone. During those moments with my eyes closed, God said to me, ‘Isn’t it nice that when you’re with me in heaven for eternity, you won’t have to close your eyes?’ That got me to thinking. What about me deserves to be saved from the scariness and death that is hell? Nothing, yet He wants me anyway. In the midst of the dark theater with mobs going at it and scary bloody things, the promise of heaven brought such joy.

So, when the movie’s over, I’m so amped from all the action I could punch someone. I’ve got that much adrenaline and have sat in a mob movie for two hours – deal with it. Anyway, we end up trying to take home a different train that ends up at a different station than we usually take. We had taken it once with our professor, and it was piece of cake. This time, not so much. We get out and have no idea were we are. We pull out Siri, and things just get crazy. As we’re walking back, we spot a van trailing us – like a creepy van. So we run into a hotel lobby to wait it out and make sure our directions are accurate. Well, once we watch the van park, we decide it’s safe to leave and walk the three blocks up to the street our apartment is on. Once we cross the street, the van’s lights come back on, so we take off running … in below 20 degree weather. We get to our street where there are people (there hadn’t been any people walking where we were) and decide to speed walk the rest of the way home. Honestly, I have never been more scared in all my life. When I got back into the apartment, I just sprawled out on my bed, ice cold air still all up in my lungs and a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Still shaking, God showed up again. The parable of the lost sheep rung loudly in my ears. In those moments of the night, I was lost and scared. When I was six, God picked me up and took me to be with Him in safety and love. My testimony isn’t about how crazy I was before I met Jesus because what hoodrat things could I have done by the age of six? That experience last night made me more thankful for my relationship with God because in that moment when I had never been more scared, I was reminded of God’s goodness and love for me.

God has been pretty clear this weekend, which is really cool.

I saw my first Broadway play Friday – Mary Poppins. It was fantastic! Even though the temperatures have not been my cup of tea, all that I’m experiencing up here are gifts from the Lord. 

One of the classes I’m taking up here is Faith and Works. On Thursday, we talked about our passions. Background: things have happened in my life that make it hard for me to truly dig deep and open up. Basically, I have trust issues. When I had to truly look deep and evaluate what my passions are, it was harder than I expected. Usually, I just pick what is expected of me, but what is that? Thinking of my passions is going to help me in the job hunt that’s going down now. If I can’t open up to myself or others, even let God have 100%, what am I doing? My first post was about courage. This morning, I listened to Ben Stuart’s talk at Breakaway about courage. We must dwell in His love, opening up to Him – and He will make us brave. The courage I seem to have is rooted in people’s opinions of me. I do what I do to please others. Why don’t I do what I do to bring glory to God? Do I resist evil or tolerate it? Why don’t I do something about it? In my final semester of college in New York City, it is time I do something about it. Please pray for myself and the other ones here that our courage is founded in the love of Christ and that while we’re here, we look to make a change in things around us for God’s glory not our own praise. 

Well, this was kind of a heavier blog post, but after a morning spent with God, I felt like this was more important than a count of how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I’ve had since I’ve been here. Thanks for reading, y’all!


Today was just one of those days. I got to work at nine, took a five minute break to eat my PB&J and then continued working until five. I was going nonstop, but when it was time to send my boss the email checking off what I had done for the day, it was as if I had barely done a thing.

That, plus the COLD walk to the subway station and then home, added up for a grumpy Krista when I walked into my apartment. After just chillin’ out for a bit, God revealed a truth to me that I have known for a long time but that truly made sense in the moment. 

Ephesians 2:8-10

8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast. 10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, iwhich God prepared beforehand,that we should walk in them.

Yes, I know that this verse is said a lot, but how many times have we truly looked into it? Verse 8: It is by grace you are saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.  

Okay, cool. What is grace? It is the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires for us to have it. We did nothing to earn it. So, by this thing hat we cannot earn, we have been saved.

Notice the word saved. Do we ever say something like – Thank you so much for saving me from eating my favorite kind of ice cream ? If you have, something’s wrong with you. Y’all, when we use the word saved, it’s from something bad and sometimes scary. Think about the Avengers. They saved the earth from the freaky looking aliens and homeboy with horns on his head. Nothing about that is good. 

So, what is faith? Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. People, prove to me that you have a heart. If you tell me it beats, I’ll tell you Biebs is inside you playing his drums. If you show me an x-ray, I’ll point to Photoshop. The only way you could truly prove to me that you have a heart is to take it out of your chest and hand it to me (which would be absolutely disgusting.) That’s faith. I sure hope I have a heart and I’m certain of it. 

Check out the next line. THIS IS NOT YOUR OWN DOING. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, that my salvation is not based on what I do. If it was based on a day-to-day basis I’d be toast. This is such a burden for some people though, thinking that they have to carry the weight of perfection on their shoulders. Think of perfection like a basketball game. You play the entire 40 minutes and have to make every shot you take, have no turnovers, snag a steal or seven, be perfect from the charity stripe, not foul (that part’s hard) … and cross a dude over so hard that he falls to the ground. Perfection, people of America, only exists in Christ. 

Next phrase: it is the gift of God. Think about the presents you got for your birthday. What did you do to deserve them? Nothing. You should pass them along to your mom. Seriously. All we did was bust out all blue and alien-like and scream. The key here is that we don’t deserve it. Who am I that God would want to make me His own? 

Paul finishes it out in verse nine reminding us that our salvation with God is not dependent upon our works. 

So, after a day of work (full of golf…yuck) and extremely cold weather, I am reminded that I don’t deserve a day full of playing pick-up ball in Harlem (don’t tell Dad) or 80 degree weather running in Central Park. When I take that perspective, man do things change!


Since I worked seven days straight, my boss gave me today off. So two other girls and myself decided to hit up the Museum of Natural History … aka the one from “Night at the Museum.” In order to get to the Upper West Side, we had to ride a train down to Harold Square and then transfer to a different one. We felt good about it until we stopped at 125th Street and we were supposed to get off at 81st. Basically, we got expressed. What that means is that there are two different kinds of stops: local and express. If it’s an open white circle on the map, it is an express train and every train will stop at it. If it’s a closed black circle on the map, it is a local stop and only a few trains stop at it. So, we got off at 125th and then got on a different train going the opposite direction. 

Y’all, praise the Lord that I don’t have to worry about express and local stops with God. He’s always there for me and His will is perfect. He isn’t out to put a local sign on His train and then make express stops. I can trust Him to direct my life; however, let’s be real, I don’t always do that. Instead of trying to figure things out myself and getting lost many times along the way, I should trust in the Creator of more than I can imagine and give up my control.

We got out of the subway at the corner by the museum. We decided to race each other to it but then stopped after a couple of steps because people were looking at us funny. We went in and got our tickets from a guy that was pretty excited that we were from Baylor. He’s a huge Brittney Griner fan. Anyways, we walked through pretty much everything and ended up sitting on the steps outside, exhausted. 

Our adventure started out in the African animals section followed by the ocean section. There were so many pictures of the beach that I tried to make myself forget about the impending doom, aka high temperatures in the 20s, for this week. We ventured through and saw Rexy and the head that asks for gum in the movie. I was on guard for Teddy Roosevelt or someone to come up beside me and strike up a conversation, but that didn’t happen. 

When the day was over, my friends and I decided that we need to make separate bucket lists: outdoor and indoor. So, if you have any suggestions, hit me up!!

And since I’m nice, here’s a link to my Facebook album for pictures from my first week in the city.




Well, this past weekend has been anything but restful. Here’s a little rundown. After I got off work on Friday, two of my roommates and I went to the Museum of Modern Art to watch a film required for class. We didn’t expect for many people to be there, but we were wrong. After getting our free ticket and walking to where the film was, we discovered the wait was two hours long. At this point, it was definitely supper time because our stomachs were growling so loud. So, we went to Astro Diner on the corner of 55th and something before hitting up a place for some cupcakes. We went back to the MoMA to discover that the line was still two hours long. Since I had to work this weekend and we didn’t want to pay for it, we decided to stick it out in line. By the time we got to the front of the line, we were beyond grumpy. When we were escorted into the dark room, three columns of couches awaited us, instead of your usual theater seating. I have discovered in my week here that personal space isn’t a high priority for these people. Anyway, we finally busted out of there around 1am. When we got down to the subway, the doors were closing to the train we needed to take home. After some yelling and running, the driver opened the doors for us. So, that was Friday. On Saturday, I had to be in the studio at 12:30 for an afternoon full of basketball at the CBS Sports studio. When I walked in, I was introduced to Seth, Tim and Greg … aka Seth Davis, Tim Brando and Greg Anthony. They stayed in the room where social media tweets updates, so that was cool. After an afternoon of college basketball, which is never a bad thing, one of my roommates and I went to see Silver Linings Playbook. It was a different film and is not one of my favorites. There were some moments I enjoyed, but there weren’t a lot. Finally, yesterday one of my roommates and our RA started the day off with church in the upper West side. It was not my cup of tea. But anyway, when it was over, we grabbed some groceries at a nice place before coming back to the apartment. We had a paper due at 9am this morning, so I wrote it yesterday afternoon before I had to go back to work. I was in the studio yesterday for the AFC Championship. And that, people of America, wraps up the weekend.

Especially after watching the lovely Clock movie on Friday, I have been made aware of time. (BTW, the Clock was made by Christian Marclay. It is a whopping 24 hours long. It is composed of different clips of many different movies when the characters talk about what time it is or there are shots of clocks.) Anyway, what I realized is that time is something we always feel we have enough of, yet we find ourselves restricted by it.

My favorite book of the Bible is 2 Timothy, Paul’s last letter to his dear Timothy. Paul doesn’t write about how to preach to others or what the Gospel is. Paul writes about living life with urgency. Especially after this past weekend when time was limited, I am reminded that I must live my life to the fullest. Yes, that phrase is super cliché and appears on tons of wall art, coffee mugs and t-shirts, but it’s true. We never know when God is going to call us home. He gives us life for a reason: to glorify Him. So let’s do it.

With a busy schedule, that’s easier said than done. In New York, away from the Bible Belt, it’s so important to be intentional in my relationship with God. This city can either make you or break you. Period. Please pray for myself and the other people in New York this semester, that we may do His will and glorify Him while we’re here. And for those who don’t know Him, pray that God will bring them to Him soon.


Hey party people! I feel like my posts are so boring during the weekdays because I’m in the office for eight hours. So there’s that. But, when I left the office, I met up with my roommate and we walked to Columbus Circle to check out Whole Foods. We weren’t expecting much until we hung a right two blocks up and saw a huge glass building. In it was a mall with fancy stores. Across the street is Central Park, but we couldn’t really see anything because, duh, it’s night time. Right before we walked inside, it suddenly smelled like home … because there were horses with carriages. Also, there were some trees outside of the shopping center. Since it’s winter, there were no leaves on them. In place of the leaves were small white Christmas lights. It was really pretty.

Anyways, we go into Whole Foods and start to look around. For the record, I had no clue that it was all organic stuff so I was really confused by all the names that I had never seen before. The prices in there were ridiculous. Five bucks for six sticks of string cheese in a package. Eight bucks for a small container of chocolate. It was nuts.

Then, we came home and learned about the library the program has upstairs. And then, we came back to our apartment and cooked some Chef Boyardee ravioli. I’m tellin’ ya, today was full of crazy events, making for a super exciting blog post.

Let’s think about it. What I think is normal could be a serious upgrade for some people. When we were walking toward Whole Foods, there was a homeless person under a bundle of coats and blankets on the sidewalk. All you could see was its shoes barely sticking out from underneath. 

On days like this, it’s so easy to take things for granted. How many people get the chance to come to New York and test out their dreams? How many people get to be with a group of people that care about the wellness and safety of each other? How many people get to come home to a Diet Coke in the fridge?

It’s time like these where I don’t feel like I need God, let’s be real. When things are going smoothly and becoming routine, I feel like I’ve got it and it’s not a huge deal. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t wake up without Him willing it. I don’t breathe without Him willing it. I don’t move without Him willing it. I don’t speak without Him willing it. I don’t figure out which way the train is going without Him willing it. I don’t walk to and from work safely without Him willing it. I don’t eat without Him willing it.

When you start to break things down like that, you realize how important it is to truly live every minute of your life. No matter where you are, don’t take normal days for granted. What is normal to you is neither controlled by you nor is it the worst thing in the world. Think about it. That place could have just looked at the bare trees like what normally happens in the winter; however, it decided to add those lights to really make them sparkle.

What should we do to make every moment in our lives sparkle? Live it in His will and live it well.

Fo’ Real

Y’all, today was so cold. I’m not sure how the rest of this winter time is going to go… Okay, that’s my complaining sentence.

Anyway, at work today I pretty much stalked college mascots on Facebook, telling my boss whether or not they were active on it or not.

“Sparky’s on Facebook!” “What does he say?” “Come to the basketball game!” “Alright!”

Yup, that was the conversation, me yelling from my cubicle and her yelling from her office.

Why is this relevant? Isn’t it cool that we serve a God that is 100% real? And he’s not some fat dude sitting criss cross apple sauce.

Anyway, class tonight was a struggle to keep the eyes open. I was tired after work, and the room was at the best temperature possible. Our professor isn’t stupid, so he opened all the windows. No worries though, we didn’t see a dude get knocked out today. 

During class, the professor played clips. For example, before one he told us to watch and see how many times the white team passed the basketball. After getting some of our answers he said, “Ok, who saw the gorilla?”

What? The whole time I had my eyes on the ball, and I never saw the gorilla stroll through the screen. His point was that we never see EVERYTHING. Our eyes actually make up for things we don’t see. This only goes to prove how imperfect we are as humans. It’s so obvious how magnificent God is because His eyes never miss a thing, even though His children are all over the place.

Sorry this post is short and scattered, but it’s bedtime for Bonzo!


Y’all, I have never been around this many people yet feel so introverted. I don’t think that’s really the right word I was looking for, but it’s late here and I’m watching college basketball while chowing down on some milk and cookies. (If I don’t gain weight this semester, I didn’t fully experience the wonderful cuisine of New York.) Anyway, I walk .6 miles from the subway to work every morning and evening and then ride the subway. What’s amazing is that everybody just keeps to themselves, looking high and low, no where close to having the potential of making eye contact with you. 

So, what could come secondhand in the city full of people but is yet so individual? Smoking. It seems as if everyone and their mom smokes in this city. Walking back from class tonight, I had a funny taste in my mouth. I then realized that I was breathing through my mouth because my nose was running and we were walking past countless people lighting up. It’s gross. You could go so far as to say it’s inconsiderate, exhaling the nasties to the people walking all around you.

Well, that got me thinking. How will I impact those around me as I walk to and from work and around the city? Do I just want to be some blonde girl who looks like a lost little duck? No. I am here for a reason that God will reveal whenever He wants to. The options are limited. If I make eye contact with someone and smile, like everyone does in Texas, a dude could think I was scopin’ and hopin’. Which I’m not. 

My goal: I want the love of God to come through me somehow and affect people like the cigarette smoke. Not like the nasty side effects, but the kind where you can smell it all around you and you can feel it all around you. I want the lost people of this city to come in contact with my Jesus, so however I could be of assistance would be fantastic. I don’t deserve to be a part of it but would be happy to oblige if I could. Please pray that I will be vulnerable to God so He can do whatever He wants to with me and through me during my semester here.

Anyways, cool and darkly weird things happened today. I have ridden the subway three times by myself and haven’t gotten lost; however, I haven’t mastered the whole ride with no hands. Work went by quickly, and class was really fun tonight. The darkly weird happened when one of my roommates and I were waiting for another roommate in a coffee shop by our classroom before class was starting. She came in and told us she saw someone get hurt. She heard two dudes arguing; one of them threatening to call the police. The other one told him he better not. Then, she looked behind her toward the fight and the guy who threatened to call the cops was unconscious on the ground while the other took off in the cab. Do we know what happened? No. But I feel like I’ve truly experienced New York now: eaten pizza, rode the subway, saw the flashing lights race toward an unconscious dude. (We should probably be praying for homeboy.)

Mom, Dad, other people who are ready to fly up here and take me home now that I’ve mentioned that, it ain’t nothing but a thing. I survived Waco. ‘Nuff said. 

Anyways, to end this entry on a positive note: make sure you’re following HoopsonCBS on both Facebook and Twitter and NFLonCBS on Sunday. Why you ask? Because, yours truly will be tweeting updates from the West Virginia/Purdue and UCLA/Oregon basketball games on Saturday and the AFC Championship on Sunday. Let it be known that I’m not allowed to tweet the Kansas/Texas game because I was sassy about my dislike of the Longhorns, and I was still grumpy, despite the large Starbucks cup in my hand, about the Baylor loss last night.

Peace out girl scout!